Thursday, March 21, 2013

Command CrossFit, CrossFit Games open 13.3, the struggle

"If there is no struggle there is no progress." ~Frederick Douglass

13.3 was announced yesterday, 12 minute AMRAP of 150 wall balls, 90 double unders and 30 muscle ups. I awoke this morning coffee in hand thinking, "I can't do a muscle up much less 30, then I thought I can't do 90 double unders much less after 150 wall balls." Then I thought, "That is not the point for me and suspect other athletes."

The fun and thrill of the open is to feel like you are competing with a community of athletes. It is inspiring and motivating to feel like you are Rich or Annie when the clock counts down, but, the struggle is not to compete with Rich or Annie the struggle is to compete with ourselves. The doubt and the struggle is what improves our health, level of fitness and our lives, it is not the rep count or the time on the whiteboard.

We are all at different points in our journey, my toe has been broken for 3 weeks now, the struggle and frustration of it for me has been to let it heal and scale my work outs, it has been hard for me to stop myself from pushing my injury too far.

No matter what your journey is, remember the open is fun and thrilling and is merely a marker of where you are on your journey. Your progress will have it's own struggle.

If there is no struggle there is no progress.


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