Monday, September 29, 2014

Green tree, singing bird

“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.” - Chinese proverb

Or hang out with you on the beach for a bit, while you photograph him/her!! 

Ocean air, salty hair

"Ocean air, salty hair."

My intial orders to the Tampa, Florida area have ended, more are expected to surface soon. In the meantime, my groom and I have decided to stay here in Florida for awhile.

I have absolutely, fallen in love with Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. We are currently living in a hotel about 150 steps from the beach.

The beach is gorgeous, my neighbors are amazingly sweet and the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly. This is mostly a tourist area, so, the locals are friendly and generous.

This is Hudson. His family lives about an hour away. He is 3 and he loves to spend his time with his daddy.

His daddy was fishing and he would feed the birds. His daddy was not initially aware of this fact.


Balloons and my graduation

I successfully graduated from VPD (Video Production Documentation) August 8, 2014.
My graduation and my final weeks of school at DINFOS (Defense Information School) were a whirlwind, I apologize for my gap in blogging.

I am extremely proud to report that my classmates and I are now officially 25V. (Combat Camera) for The United States Army Reserve. I was away from our puppies and my loved ones for just over 8 months.

Just before VPD ended I received my first official mission. It was in an area near Tampa, Florida. I was very lucky, I reported just 7 days after graduation. I cannot disclose much about my first mission, but, I learned quite a bit. I took several hundred photos, wrote captions, a news story and helped shoot video. 

I fantasized and day dreamed of having my first official photos released publicly. Because, I find humor in life, my first official photo for the United States Army is.... a balloon. What?! Yes, a balloon! 

I loved my time at DINFOS and I look forward to more missions and more "balloons".

I included some others that were released, after the balloons. ;)