Monday, September 29, 2014

Balloons and my graduation

I successfully graduated from VPD (Video Production Documentation) August 8, 2014.
My graduation and my final weeks of school at DINFOS (Defense Information School) were a whirlwind, I apologize for my gap in blogging.

I am extremely proud to report that my classmates and I are now officially 25V. (Combat Camera) for The United States Army Reserve. I was away from our puppies and my loved ones for just over 8 months.

Just before VPD ended I received my first official mission. It was in an area near Tampa, Florida. I was very lucky, I reported just 7 days after graduation. I cannot disclose much about my first mission, but, I learned quite a bit. I took several hundred photos, wrote captions, a news story and helped shoot video. 

I fantasized and day dreamed of having my first official photos released publicly. Because, I find humor in life, my first official photo for the United States Army is.... a balloon. What?! Yes, a balloon! 

I loved my time at DINFOS and I look forward to more missions and more "balloons".

I included some others that were released, after the balloons. ;)

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