Thursday, October 2, 2014

without my phone

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Without my phone:

1. I would not know what day or time it was.
2. Know where I am or where I am going.
3. Know what to buy at the grocery store.
4. Solve any math question.
5. Know any phone number.
6. Wake up in the morning.
7. Find my way in the dark.
8. Sing along with my favorite music.
9. Share photos instantly with my clients.
10. Research all the rare diseases I believe I have mysteriously contracted, at any moment.

And most importantly, keep in contact with my deployed groom!!

We are extremely lucky, we communicate through Facebook Messenger most of the day everyday. I will never be able to thank Facebook or Note 3 enough. :)

And, to my groom, just a few places you are always with me, throughout my day, everyday, for over 9 months now.

I love you and I cannot wait for your return! Neither can they...

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